Our T400 model is an upper class of the T200 model. It is a 4-seater passenger plane. It has a carbon composite body, Glass Cockpit and strong aerodynamics. It can be used in pilot training, general aviation, agriculture and observation purposes.

Avionics Systems
Garmin G3X Touch
Garmin 3 Axis Autopilot
Garmin Transponder
Garmin G5


Engine                       Lycoming O360
Strength                          180 hp
Fuel type                   91 / 96 AVGAS
Crew               1 + 3
Take-off weight           1000 kg
Curb weight                530 kg
maximum speed          200 km / s
cruising speed                  160 km / s
Climb rate       5 m / s
Maximum altitude       3900 m
Tank capacity        2 * 50 l
Fuel consumption           20 l/s
Flight Range             800 km
Wing area               16,00 m2
wingspan10,7 m
Takeoff Speed65 Km/s
Descent Speed64 Km/s
Departure Distance150 mt
Landing Distance         120 mt