It is an unmanned cargo aircraft used in civil cargo transportation. It can be used in different fields. The body also carries the load. It has a ramp for aerial download.

There are general cargo transportation, medical equipment transportation, aerial spraying, agricultural and observation purposes.

Engine                       2*Valach Motor VM-210
Strength                          2*18 hp
Fuel type                    A-95
take off weight           149 kg
Curb weight                80 kg
Maksimum speed          150 km / s
cruising speed                  120 km / s
Climb rate       7 m / s
Maximum altitude       3000 m
Tank capacity        >30 l
Fuel consumption           10  l/s
Flying range             >360 km
Wing area               4,87 m2
wingspan7,2 m
Takeoff Speed80 Km/s
Descent Speed80 Km/s
Departure Distance100 mt
Landing Distance         100 mt